Termite & Pest Control

We provide professional termite inspections and treatments, One time pest control services, rodent inspections, and periodic monitoring. We do not do recurring monthly pest control services. 

Termite Control

We do termite inspections, treatments and monitoring. We are experienced in finding and treating termites. We only use the best products and methods available to kill termites. We do termite damage repairs as well. Call us for details. 

Rodent Control

We will inspect for rats and mice on the outside and inside of your home including the attic. If rodents are found in your home we will formulate a plan to rid your home of rodents. We always inspect for possible entry points and recommend treatment based on what we find. We can provide rodent exclusion and any other necessary treatments  needed.  

Bee Control 

We only treat wasps, yellow jackets, bumble bees, carpenter bees and ground dwelling bees. We will not kill honey bees. Honey Bees are endangered and need to be protected. You can call a honey bee rescue if you have them in your home. Call us for any other bee problem. 

Real Estate Inspections

We provide Wood Destroying Insect inspection reports (WDI) for real estate sales. We charge $50 for the inspection and will provide the WDI report for the inspection. If WDI's are found on the premises we will give an estimate for the recommended treatment. After the treatment is completed by us we will provide an updated WDI report.  

Ant Control

We will do as needed treatments for ants on a seasonal basis. We do not recommend regular scheduled ant treatments. Regularly scheduled ant treatments can over treat a home and add to ant avoidance and immunity. Call us if you need an ant treatment. 

Bed Bugs, Bat bugs and roaches

We will treat bat bugs if you have them in your attic. We will NOT treat roaches or bed bugs at this time.